diy flower crown.

I've kind of been craving flower crowns lately... clearly I can't wait for Spring to come around. Let me show you how:

let's make this as simple as possible:
1. create a circle with floral wire that fits just right on your head (i tripled the wire for extra strength).
2. cut your first bloom and wrap it anywhere on your crown with a piece floral wire, about 3 inches long.
3. continue wrapping and layering flowers onto your crown.
4. once you have the desired amount of flowers on the crown, wrap the exposed wires with floral tape.
5. done. YES, it's that easy. less that 10 dollars, less than a half hour.


  1. This is so cool Allie! You should make and sell them :)

  2. um, HOW did you do that to your last picture?! and that flower crown? incredible! you should have made me one before you left me! ha

  3. I have been wanting one too! spring is here in my country now! this is a great post and i should start making one for myself too!:) did you use real flowers?

  4. just came over from TJ's space to see how you created that awesome floral crown. i love it so!! your blog is ace Allison. can't wait to explore it further. ♥

  5. I made my sister-in-law a flower crown for halloween years and years and years ago. So much fun. Maybe i will talk my florist aunt into letting me make a few.



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