its an explosions in the sky kind of day.

skirt- blue bird, shirt- borrowed, belt- anthropologie, shoes- freepeople

Yesss a new header and profile. Thanks Paige! Still working on the buttons at top, but I think this is a pretty good start. Just kind of wanted a fresh look for the new year, you know? Seriously enjoyed the snow for the first hour it snowed last night, but the "Rexburg shuffle" might have to come in full force tomorrow morning when I walk to class. For now its back to endless chem, bio, and religion homework while listening to Explosions in the Sky....


  1. can i rip that outfit right off you? it's amazing.

    i love your blog! new follower over here!! wooot, woot.

  2. Weren't you FREEZING!!!!!! You're so skinny, get some meat on those bones :) Your new blog is super cute. Let me know if you need more help!

  3. uhhhh yep - love your shirt. your whole outfit really. and the new blog look is fabulous.

  4. you are too cute! love the smirk, snow, outfit, and the "rexburg shuffle". ha!


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