pom pom tutorial.

You asked for it! I noticed a couple of people last post mentioned my pom pom garland in my room. Just 7 ridiculously easy steps to make a yarn ball of goodness:

1. purchase a clover pom pom maker.
2. wrap your yarn from one edge of the arch of the pom maker to the other, until it looks like a fat noodle.
3. close the arch and repeat the same steps on the other side.
4. after both arches are covered, insert your scissors into the middle ridge and cut along the entire circle (on both sides).
5. Tie off your pom pom by slipping a piece of yarn along the middle, pull it into a tight knot.
6. open your arch and pull your pom maker apart.
7. Trim your pom pom if necessary making sure to leave the long piece of yarn you used to tie it together in order to attach it to a garland.


  1. Could that garland be any cuter? What an adorable idea!

  2. um, the way you collaged those images is just perfect! did you use the upgrade on picnik?? i seriously need to get it!
    p.s. we got snow today!

  3. So glad u posted this tutorial! I was going to ask you how to do it!

  4. Awesome idea!

  5. Oh I do love a good Pom-Pom!!!

  6. I have these hanging in my apartment...but I used cardboard for a make-shift pom pom maker instead!

  7. This is so great! I may have to make my niece a version using different pinks. She loves the color pink.



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