back in the burg.

I'm back in the burg (rexburg that is) and I feel pretty fantastic. Even though it's pushing the negatives, the sun is shining bright and there's been no clouds. So this is a good sign. I have yet to take pictures outside and I'm stalling on homework, so I thought I'd take pictures of my room over here:

So that's that. My room is pretty small, but I'm just glad I have a space of my own to relax... it's kind of my little sanctuary. Hopefully i'll purchase some cool prints over time to put on my super sad empty white walls. haha.

p.s. I'm currently working on re-designing my blog for the new year... stay tuned in the next couple of weeks!


  1. The Burg. Haha. Is that typically what people call it?

    Wanna know how hot it was here today? 85. Come visit :)

    YOU'RE re-designing your blog? Gimme some credit yo!

    Miss you!

  2. ah, your spaces are always so cuuuuute. I love the garland over your bed. Is that yarn pompoms?

  3. Are those little things on the left hand side of your dresser cameras? There so cute!

  4. your room is darling. as usual.

  5. I'm so in love with your blog, not many inspire me surprisingly. Thanks for the love and I am very very selective of who I follow but you definitely make the cute (: Cheers!!

  6. your room is very cute!! i like your pom garland. xo

  7. I love the gallery you've made yourself and your room maybe small but for what i've seen of your blog so far it seems very you.



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