baby bunny love.

One of my roommates lives on a farm near Rexburg, and has way too many animals. And one of her bunnies just had baby bunnies... which I kind of live for. So she took a few of us over to her place and I about died with all of the baby bunny love:

bunnies in a bucket. #cuteoverload

Will do anything for this little gem. Already named her Plum. Do I know its gender yet? no. Am I little crazy? maybe. My heart is almost exploding right now with all of this bunny love...


  1. i WANT. this is way too cute. i don't know what to do with myself.

  2. ummm, first off i see you are putting those earrings to good use. a good purchase? i think so!
    also, i'm not a huge bunny person but these things are SOOOO stinken cute! i'm in love with the one you're holding on it's back! look at all those cute markings!!
    xo TJ

  3. they are adorable! i got a bunny for my 16th birthday he was awesome :)

  4. oh my geeze!! did you take one of these furry cutie patooties homes?!!? how can you walk away from them? They're ADORBS!!

  5. How darn cute! Those are so adorable looking :)


  6. ah they are so cute! i want one! :)

  7. Oh! How cute! I want a bunny!

    I once didn't know the gender of a cat and named it Penelope. And then discovered it was a boy. So he became Mr. Penelope haha

  8. Oh my goodness that bucket full of bunnies is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

    If pets were allowed in your dorm you could totally have Li'l Chinchilla :)

  9. Can I have one? Pleaaaaase! They are so cute! And Plum is a PERFECT bunny name.

    p.s. I replied to you on my blog, but yes to bagel date, and yes to washi tape!

  10. okay so this is the cutest thing ever. ever.
    so adorable! xo

  11. Tate looks so cute with those bunnies! Awww!!



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