my happy little weekend.

blue skies.
studded shoes.
macho burritos.
cool lights.
midnight blizzards.

Well this weekend was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Finally saw the Hunger Games (took me long enough!) and I  spent time with my two good friends from back home as our last weekend together, since they won't be at school next semester in order to prepare for their missions. I'm going to miss them for sure! Those pictures above are what happens when you steal your friends iPhone because you don't have the instagram app on your own. Or in other words, you don't have an iPhone.

note to self: remember to bring socks next time I go bowling.... yeah. that happened. Let's just say this experience has probably made my feet immune to just about anything now!


  1. mexican food & ice cream? perfect weekend right there.

  2. Ooooh I love those shoes!
    What'd you think of the Hunger Games?
    That burrito looks delicious - is that from that bus thingy again?

  3. Love your studded shoes!

    And I remember forgetting socks once when I went bowling so I kept my regular shoes on. Which then led me to get in trouble by the bowling people. haha

  4. okay, so many things:
    1. no socks when bowling. ew.
    2. i see you got mexican again. same taco truck? without me? for shame!
    3. those studded shoes are super fabulous!
    4. get an iphone already!! ;)

  5. Ok, those studded tennis shoes are GREAT.

    Also, yeah the flower crown was on a headband. I like the circle kinds too, but I really like the way this one kind of stands up on the top of your head, you know? Like a tiara. We totally should make some when you get back! I also was thinking about taking a bunch of small fake flowers and gluing them to clips so I can scatter them all over my hair. Might look weird though?

    Oh, you should check out the models I did for the store which I blogged about a few days ago. I think you'll like them!

  6. I'm loving the bowling. And blizzards. And studded shoes. Your weekend looks fun-tastical!

    Thanks for your WAS a busy week but a good one at the same time. Yay for waffle fries from Chickfila!


  7. bowling without socks!?!? you poor thing. i would have died.

  8. well did you hear they have instagram on android now?? :)

  9. I am now craving a blizzard... really like NOW!!

    love your bedazzled shoes girlie :)

  10. Sounds great! Btw your bowling alley didn't have socks available for purchase? Ours does and they won't even allow you to wear bowling shoes without them. I'd be scared to know what lurks in those shoes haha

  11. I love Jarritos. I love blizzards. And I love those studded shoes. :)


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