a dessert weekend.

Apparently I ate all weekend:

I found myself at the cupcake shop here in Rexburg, and my weakness is red velvet. I got two. Along with a raspberry italian soda.... 

My roommate says I talked in my sleep about lemon bars over the weekend, which is probably why I woke up with this huge craving for them. Lemon bars at 10 in the morning? Heck yes!

But besides eating, I'm trying to sell my little polaroid camera (in order to get the older version of it. long story why). They're pretty popular right now! Just in case you've been looking for a less expensive one...


hope you have a happy monday!


  1. I looooooove red velvet cupcakes!! My boss made some and brought one in for me, amazing! When I get some spare time, I'll definitely be making them! Those ones up there with the strawberries look so yumm. Is it bad that it's 630 am and now I'm craving cupcakes? haha

  2. I have neverhad a red velvet cupcake but I'm dying to try one now lol great photos love the ocean looking ones. Have a great rest of your monday!!


  3. aaand i'm having an italian soda craving. yummo!

  4. if only i had money to buy that sweet camera right off of you. in love!
    and those strawberries need to get in my belly, ASAP!!!
    xo TJ

  5. Mmm, totally love red velvet. It's an addiction!! :)


  6. I have that polaroid! What model are you trying to get ?

    Sara, xoxo



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