thrifting addiction.

I have a serious problem. A thrifting problem. I've found myself at the local thrift store more than 3 times this week. But it's a cheaper way to go, right? Which is a plus with the zero income coming in right now... one man's trash is another man's treasure, as shown below:

A few things that I couldn't live without:
knock off kork ease sandals: $4.00
vintage student desk: $2.00 (favorite purchase. ever.)
miniature frame: $0.50
frames with embroidery: $1.00
various cups and salt-shakers: $0.50-1.00
woven sandals: $2.00

And then of course I had to snap a picture of this ridiculous (more like ridiculously cool) hat and bright yellow scarf that I didn't end up purchasing. But really, nothing's better than coming home with a bag full of oober (uber?) cheap stuff. And a green school desk!


  1. All your finds are so lovely!Especially the,love,love!

  2. great post, i love thrifting xx

  3. i think i need a lesson in thrift shopping because i swear i have zero success any time i go. you on the other hand, find true gems. i am obsessing over those woven sandals right now.

  4. that desk is incredible! and i can't believe you went thrifting and took pictures without me!!!
    p.s. hows the camping research going?!?!

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  6. Wow! You found some amazing stuff. It's so rare for me to find anything good when I go thrifting. That desk is to die for.

  7. $2 for killer sandals! yes please!



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