shanghai part two.

^^Tibetan fabrics^^
^^Spring is so close here^^
^^wall of flowers^^
Since we had to check out of our place early in the morning, we spent all day exploring around the city. We found ourselves at an outdoor antique market, called Dongtai Lu, and spent a while there. Most of the "antiques" were knock off but I loved the Tibetan hand sewn fabrics (they were a pretty penny though) and old record players. 

I didn't find anything at the antique market that we couldn't live without so we kept walking. In China you can walk down alleys that turn into huge shops and they're really safe. We walked into a pet market that had lucky crickets to birds to cats and everything in between. Tate's still bummed I wouldn't let him buy a cricket...

We also stopped at a fake market that's inside of the metro station (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum subway stop) and shopped for several hours. They have everything you can think of... fake Toms, Hunter boots, sunglasses, etc. I didn't buy much though! I came out with a new makeup bag and a kitch gold plastic lucky kitty that wave's one arm, ha! 

note to self: save up and buy tibetan fabric next time!


  1. beautiful photos! I love markets!

  2. Markets are one of my favorite things to hunt down while traveling - especially food ones, ha! Those Tibetan fabrics are beeeeautiful!

  3. a fake market? that's pretty bad that! was that a real bug in a jar or a faker?!

    Buckets & Spades

  4. China looks awesome! and that flower wall- my goodness. also i love those boots! where are they from?


  5. what a beautiful place <3

  6. That flower wall is amazing, what a beautiful adventure you are on. I would love to get my hands on some of that fabric too!


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