the bund, shanghai.

^^the Bund at Shanghai before dusk^^
^^duh, I had to take an instax.^^
^^at night^^
We survived our first week of teaching little kids! It's exhausting but they are a d o r a b l e and fun to teach. I wanted to end the week right by going to Shanghai for a couple of days; it's a 30 minute bullet train ride away from our town here in Suzhou so right after school on Friday we left for the big city. 

By the time we got to Shanghai it was night time so we quickly walked to The Bund, a stretch of amazing old and new buildings; in the 1920's most of these buildings were pricey banks similar to Wall Street in New York.

We skipped dinner and went straight to dessert at the M on the Bund, a fancy restaurant owned by an Australian. When Tate and I walked in we immediately felt underdressed (oh, and you should have seen the waiter's face when we said we didn't have a reservation, haha). We ordered a platter of assorted desserts and I can easily say it was the best dessert I've ever had. Starting off the weekend right in Shanghai...


  1. ahhh welcome to asia! it's so exciting to see how far you've come - what a journey! hope you're enjoying shanghai, you should come by hong kong some time too :)

    rachel x

  2. Definitely the right way to start the weekend! You guys make China sound so exciting, it's quickly making it's way up my travel wish list

    The London Project

  3. Shanghai is a wonderful city - I went to a bar facing the Bund once, and the view was one of the most magical I've ever seen. Glad that the first week went well!

  4. amazing!, i'm glad that you guys are having such a great time

  5. Yay, keep the pictures coming. Loving this!

  6. soo awesome! You guys are on a great adventure!

  7. Is that the intax neo mini??? bc I so want one of those!! I am so happy for your new adventure and can't wait to read more about it :)


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