we made it to china!

We made it to China! It's nearly midnight and we're sitting in our hotel in the middle of Beijing. I'm looking outside of the windows as I'm typing and I see dozens of fireworks setting off to celebrate the new year (it's like a two week long celebration). I LOVE it here.
On our first morning we were tired but ready to explore. We rode the subway to the Temple of Heaven. Tianamen square is massive! Despite being controlled by the people you can't help but notice the overwhelming presence of the Army. We walked around seeing how many plain clothes officers we could spot. Tate felt like they needed to consider investing in a few courses on discreetness. We walked around for two hours and felt like it still wan't enough time.
^^The painting of Mao Zedong is 15'x20'^^
Above are photos at the Forbidden City. One thing I love about traveling China on our own is that we have so much time to do and see what we want. We spent several hours wandering and getting lost in this city within a city. 
These hard sugar coated strawberries and crab apples are the best! I've never had anything like it in the states but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting one every day... all of the food here is extremely good (I might have to do a post on just food, haha). So far China is really great!


  1. stunning photos! what an experience for you guys! enjoy!

  2. magical, wish you the best luck in this new adventure! enjoy every single moment girl

  3. oh, this looks so amazing! I've been getting the urge to travel again recently. I can't wait to read more of your posts about living there! xox

  4. Wow! I'm so happy that you landed safely in China! It looks amazing and please do a post just all about food! I'm most intrigued! xoxo

  5. Aw, so glad to hear that you are loving it!! I knew you would! Can't wait to hear more! Email me fool ;)

  6. So glad you're enjoying it... and hard candy covered strawberries? I NEED these in my life...

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