suzhou temple.

^^drum tower^^
^^can you find me?^^
^^intricate wood ceiling^^
^^view of Hanshan temple^^
Reason #1084 why I love China: the temples.

Last weekend we had three days off so we wanted to explore more of Suzhou (the city we live in) and decided to go to Hanshan Buddhist temple, which is literally only a few blocks from our apartment. Since the weather is getting nicer more locals are coming out of their homes and tourists are visiting; so there were a ton of people. We've been to dozens of temples here in China, but they are all still so stunning to me! 

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  1. Wow, wow and wow. Also, love your outfit!

  2. amazing! really cool pictures, thanks for sharing your China experience!

  3. Lovely photos! You're so lucky to be so close to amazing places like these, it looks so serene. Also, I really like your bag, where's it from? xx

    1. Thank you! I bought it here in China from a small boutique :)

  4. Oh how lovely! I'm loving your travel photos, bet it has been such an amazing experience :D

  5. Wow! I had no idea how green it was there!! So pretty!!! I miss getting emails from you :( Come home already!!


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