shantang jie.

^^Shantang Jie Canal^^
^^We have yet to ride down a canal on a boat, but I really want to!^^
^^Dumpings on the river^^
Our scooter has taken us all over city; I'm totally going to miss it when we go back to America! The other week Tate and I rode to Shantang Jie canal street to eat dinner on the river. Suzhou is known as the "Venice of China" because it is a water town with dozens of canals. We've never had dinner on the river and it was totally romantic.

I'm sure I'm going to have several "sappy" posts about our time here in China since it's quickly coming to an end. I fell in love with Suzhou right when we moved here, but riding our scooter around town and small moments like this make me realize how special these times are. We might never come back to China (and that almost makes me feel sick!) so I'm trying to soak in all of these dumpling date nights and canal streets... because I'm going to miss them like crazy! 


  1. amazing place! great photos!

  2. Wow! These photographs look amazing! That sounds so pretty with the dozens of canals :)

  3. Have you mastered the chop sticks yet? Eric is literally incapable! Ha!

  4. oh these are amazing! This place will go to my travel list. I love it!

    themiasalazar | The Suburb Scenes

  5. That looks so nice - If I ever go to China, that will be on my go-to list :)


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