wuxi grand buddha.

^^The right hand of the Buddha, which points to Heaven, is in the 'Fearless Mudra" enabling people to be brave and peaceful in mind. The left hand points down to Earth shows the 'Benefaction Mudra', blessing everyone with safety and happiness. Also, I spy my husband ;)^^
^^photo posted on my instagram^^
^^duplicate of the right hand of the Buddha.^^
We recently took a train to the city next to Suzhou called Wuxi to see the Mt. Lingshan Grand Buddha; it's one of the tallest statues in the world standing at 290 feet and weighs 700 tons of bronze. We took so many photos while we were at this park but right before we left I noticed that my memory card was corrupt and didn't save any photos! We were on a tight schedule so I had to run through the park and take a few pictures hoping they would turn out.

I've never seen a statue so large and it was cool being able to stand right underneath the Buddha to understand just how big it was. Another city checked off the list!


  1. That is so stinky your card was corrupted! I would have fainted with disappointment!! But you got some AWESOME pics! That Buddha is HUGE!


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