bloomington lake, idaho

 ^^Nothing beats Idaho's mountains^^
We made it back to America (woohoo!) but the backpacking didn't stop when we left China. The day after we arrived in the U.S. we drove to Utah for my grandpa's funeral and then kept driving up to Idaho to stay at Bear Lake for a few days. 

Today we hiked up to Bloomington Lake and it was so pretty! There were only a few people there and we swung off a giant rope into the glacier lake. Tate and I find ourselves talking about how much we loved living in Idaho so it's been fun being back for a bit. We really didn't see anything like this in China and I really missed it; I'm totally in my element in these mountains. 

note to self: scan our instax photos from today!


  1. These pictures are so beautiful! It's true, however gorgeous the world is, it's so important to remember the beauty of the places a little closer to home :)

    Alice xx |The Cup and Saucer

  2. gorgeous, the mountains are my favorite


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