guilin, china.

Guilin, China. These last few days have been crazy! Our backpacking plan was to go to a volcanic island called Weizhou off of the coast of Beihai, China. We left Yangshuo and took the five hour train to Beihai. When we got there tickets were sold out to ride the ferry to the island and from there everything went wrong. We both had bad feelings about going to Weizhou island, so we decided to turn right around and get back to Guilin. Long story short... two long distance bus rides, four bus break downs, and 20 hours later we made it back to Guilin:
^^Yes, this happened. I've wanted to dress up in traditional Chinese clothing since we got here so I splurged $1.25 to dress up haha.^^

We went to Elephant Trunk Hill and rested for a day since the last few have been totally exhausting. I'm not sure what would have happened if we had gone to Weizhou Island, but it's better safe than sorry. Guilin was fun anyways!

Our adventure back to America starts today. We head back to Shanghai for a night then fly back to the U.S. China has been so so good to us and I can't believe we're finished. It's been an amazing three weeks traveling through china!


  1. your entire trip looks & sounds unreal! how fun

  2. You've had such an amazing 6 months! Back to reality :) How about you stop in Germany on the way home and visit me!?!?! :)


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