terra cotta warriors, xi'an.

Day five: Xi'an, China. So far this city has been a dream. Xi'an literally means "west peace"; the city is filled with Buddhist temples and pagodas, the terracotta warriors, and old city walls. Our first stop was the terracotta warriors: 
^^Terracotta warriors, Xi'an^^
When we planned a backpacking trip around China I was really excited to see the terracotta warriors in Xi'an. In super short summary, the terracotta warriors were built in 246 BC by the first emperor in China during the Qin dynasty as his burial ground to protect his spirit from enemies. A farmer in the 1970's was digging a well on his land and discovered one of thousands of terra cotta warriors. We actually got to meet the man who first discovered the terracotta warriors at the museum which was so cool! Excavators are still discovering hand made clay warriors and horses that were made for the emperor.
^^Big Wild Goose Pagoda^^
^^Guanyin female Buddha^^
After the terracotta warriors we went to a Buddhist pagoda called Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Our tour guide taught us about several different Buddhas and I liked learning about Guanyin; one of the only female Buddhas that watches you with her 1,000 eyes and 1,000 hands (pictured above).

note to self: buy a traditional chinese fan. It is so hot here!


  1. Wow, how tall are those warriors?? So cool!!

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