yangshuo, china.

Day twelve: Yanghsuo, China. We almost didn't go to Yangshuo because it looked like the city was stormy and flooding, but we took our chances. Pinch me... this place is a dream and the weather couldn't be better:
^^We rented bikes and road across the Li River^^
^^Our guide took us to another spot where there was no one else swimming. It felt like we were the only people in the world... except for our guide taking pictures of us in his undies, haha.^^
^^I had to stop and cuddle these monkeys. It's sad that they are on chains, but I could tell the owner loves his monkeys so I didn't feel too bad. They were licking the sweat off my face and ate my floral crown that I had bought from a farmer two minutes earlier.^^
^^Yangshuo mountains^^
We rode bikes through several villages and farms literally all day and it was picture perfect. Tate and I feel like this is all a dream; words can't describe how pretty this place is (or how stupid hot and humid it is). Our guide here is showing us all of the 'secret spots' where tourists normally don't go to because they are only accessible via bikes. We also went to a cave with mud baths and hot springs inside near Moon Hill (where I met those monkeys). 

This small town is quite the change from Beijing, and I love it!


  1. I can't believe places like this actually exist!! GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Wow! Amazing photos, I like the one with the monkeys :D
    That place looks so beautiful, I'd love to visit it and swim in the river, it looks breathtaking!



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