yangshuo day two.

Day thirteen: Yangshuo, China. We covered so much ground today so I have a ton of pictures. We rode over 80 km through villages and mountains and I saw some of the best views of my life:
^^The view of the 20 yuan note.^^
 ^^Our motorcycle for the day^^
^^We had to park the bike and hike 550 steps to get to this viewpoint. So tiring but worth the pain. Since we were at the peak of the mountain we had a perfect 360 degree view of Yangshuo.^^
 ^^Best view in the world. We had to purchase silly hats because it's so hot. I opted with the traditional bamboo farmer hat while Tate bought a bamboo cowboy hat ;)^^
I didn't think we could top yesterdays views, but we did. Hours of riding on a motorcycle on bumpy small dirt roads through hills in mountains took a toll on us, but we ended the ride by swimming in another secluded dam on the river. Guys, I can't get over this place. I've never seen anything like it. I think both of our families would be totally bummed if we didn't come back to America after six months abroad... but I'm considering staying here forever.

We have one day left in Yangshuo and I think we'll spend all day along the river soaking in the mountain vibes.


  1. You're gonna force me to go back now . . . thanks a lot!

  2. That last picture is just stunning! Looks like such an amazing place.

  3. these pictures are unreal. i love hearing about your travels!

  4. Okay, your life couldn't be more perfect!! Love every single one of these!!

  5. yours is one of the only blogs i avoid sometimes because I GET SO JEALOUS. this place is unreal! china is beautiful and you two are lucky to be there. makes me excited to plan my big post-graduation international travel experience (:

  6. i also think it's perfectly reasonable for you to stay there forever.

  7. this place is so beautiful! you guys are lucky you are there <3

  8. I love reading about your adventures, keep 'em coming!

    Charlotte's Web | The London Project

  9. These pictures are amazing!!! I'm going to Yangshuo next month and I'm crazy excited. Just curious, do you remember the name of the peak where you got the full 360 degree view of the area? I know it's probably an exhausting hike, but I must do it when I'm there.

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  10. Amazing photos! I've never seen mountains like them.


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