angels landing, zion national park.

This year we want to get outside as much as possible (I really live for quick weekend getaway trips). Tate had a cycling race this weekend in St. George, so we drove to Zions National Park to hike Angels Landing. It's a 5 mile round trip hike with a lot of switch backs and straggling along the edge of high ridge peak.
^^Right before we ascended to the highest peak behind us^^
^^We saw a lot of cairns at the top^^
^^I took a picture of the switchbacks on the way back down. A lot of the hike is actually paved and these switchbacks weren't as painful as they look^^

The hike wasn't too hard, although holding onto chains along a cliff felt pretty sketchy at some points. I totally enjoyed the 360° view around me as I was hiking along the ridge. It seems like the more we explore new places the more antsy I get to find something new again. Hopefully we can make it back next month to camp or take another hike around Zion.

While we were in China we met a really awesome guy our age and we showed him around our town in Suzhou for the weekend. Unfortunately we never exchanged info so that was about it after we hung out with him. When we were at the top of Angels Landing we saw him! We honestly still can't get over the odds of seeing him again (in the U.S., at a National Park, on top of a crazy peak) but it was great talking again, and we might even meet up with him in a few weeks in Moab. Life is pretty great like that sometimes.


  1. That is just too crazy that you saw some guy in China and then again in Utah... a little too coincidental, are you sure he's not stalking you :) :) :) BEAUTIFUL PICS!!

  2. How funny that you ran into him again. Hopefully this time you actually exchanged info. I'm SO jealous of this hike. I've been wanting to do it! Just gorgeous!! :)

  3. Oh wow, what a small, small world!

  4. Great photos! Did you take them all with a GoPro or another camera?


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