glacier national park.

We went to Lethbridge, Canada to spend time with Tate's side of the family for a couple of days for Christmas and then drove down to stay near Glacier National Park for a few days too. It was gorgeous with all of the snow (another National Park to check off of the list!). The temperature hit -18 degrees at one point but we still had a great time.

^^We drove to the cabin late at night and went to bed almost right when we got there. When we woke up this is the view we saw from the bedroom window.^^
^^Obligatory National Park entrance photo^^
^^MacDonald Lake inside of GNP^^
^^MacDonald Lake^^
^^The cabin we stayed in. I could have stayed here the whole winter!^^
During the winter season there are only about 15 miles that are open in the park for tourists to visit. We drove through the park and took pictures along MacDonald Lake for a while. We snowmobiled, sledded, and watched a lot of movies by the fireplace. It was basically the perfect Christmas getaway.

2015, here we go!


  1. these are beautiful photos! they make me want hot chocolate haha x


  2. ahh I'd love to go back to Glacier National Park, it was so beautiful!

  3. That cabin is beautiful! I hope my husband and I can make it to Glacier NP this year or next! :) Thanks for sharing these pretty photos! -Sarah

  4. My favorite place in the whole world! Went there in July for the last time for now before we moved to the East coast, I already miss it!

  5. It looks magical! Happy new year!

  6. So so beautiful, I hope you had an amazing time

    Charlotte xx
    Charlotte's Web

  7. That is a beyond wonderful way to spend Christmas! I've never even seen snow, so thank you for these gorgeous photographs :) Love a white Christmas!

  8. Yay! Post more pictures! Also, your hair looks FABULOUS!! ;)

  9. wow - macdonald lake with the mountains in the background doesn't even look real. it' so picture perfect, so gorgeous. xo


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