falkirk & stirling, scotland.

^^Kelpies horse sculpture in Falkirk. They're 100 feet tall.^^
^^View of the city from the Stirling Castle.^^
^^My favorite door/entry way I've seen in the UK.^^
^^Stirling Castle with pretty vines growing on the walls.^^
^^Our stay tonight at Broomhall Castle. It looks pink at night!^^

Falkirk & Stirling, Scotland: We're still going strong with making our way through the UK! We drove through Falkirk and Stirling today and both were really pretty towns. I know I've said this before, but I'm really surprised with the weather. It was supposed to rain for about half of the trip but we've barely seen a drop of rain. I love the city views in all of the places we've been to; there are always castles on the top of hills with 360° panos. I can't believe we only have one full day left here!

Next (and final) stop: Loch Lomond & Glasgow, Scotland.

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