edinburgh, scotland.

^^View of the city from Calton Hill.^^
^^This picture is taken from the Edingburgh castle on Castle Rock. You can see the National Monument of Scotland in the distance (it has the pillars on the hill).^^
^^Obligatory picture with a Scottish man playing the bagpipe.^^
^^The National Monument. A memorial for the Scottish soldiers and sailors who died fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. The size of this monument is really impressive; so huge we could barely climb up on the structure.^^
^^Just being us.^^
^^View of Edinburgh castle in the distance from Calton Hill.^^
^^The Scott Monument, a victorian gothic tower built in 1844.^^

Edinburgh, Scotland: We woke up this morning in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The city is filled with spires, castles, and amazing monuments. The leaves are turning quick here and I love the first signs of fall. We went to Edinburgh castle which is the most visited attraction in the city. The castle sits on a huge hill and I think it's the largest castle we've been to yet. Scotland, we like you!!

Next stop: Stirling, Scotland.

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