hadrian's wall, england.

^^Hadrians Housesteads Fort. This particular area was the heart of the fort where the soldiers would meet together to talk strategy and worship Roman gods.^^
^^Running on ruins that are 2,000 years old.^^
^^My cutie in a kilt. Tate and his dad were really excited about wearing their kilts today, and I was surprised they actually held out all day.^^
^^These are the latrines were all of the soldiers would to their bu'ness. He, he.^^
England Day Ten: We drove up to Hadrian's wall today. Almost 2,000 years ago Hadrian and his army built a wall to guard England from the Scots. Some of the wall and forts still remain today so this was on our bucket list of must-sees. The wall goes from the coast to coast and stretches over 70 miles.

Next Stop: Edinburgh, Scotland. We made it to Scotland this evening so we're going to be exploring Edinburgh all day tomorrow. 

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