litchfield, england.

^^Lichfield cathedral, England (the only medieval english cathedral with three spires in the country.^^
^^In front of Lichfield cathedral.^^

England Day Seven: Today we went to LICHFIELD, England and saw where it all began (our last name is Litchfield). Legend has it that 1,000 Christians were martyred in front of this church. "Lich" means death and "field" meaning place... creepy. The cathedral itself was really pretty inside and it's a hidden gem in England. It's far from London so not many tourists get the chance to see it. We walked around markets in the town and all of the stores started with 'Lichfield'; it was so fun seeing our last name all over the place!

Next Stop: York, England.

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  1. You've officially seen more of England than I have now, haha. Glad to see you're having so much fun!
    Charlotte xx


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