stonehenge and bath, england.

^^Roman Bath hotsprings^^
^^Famous Pulteney Bridge along the River Avon. The leaves are starting to change color and I love can't get over it.^^
^^The Circus in Bath. The Circus is a circular space surrounded by large townhouses that were built in the 1700's.^^

London Day Five: Tate and I took a tour to Stonehenge and Bath in England. I've wanted to see Stonehenge since taking Art History in college so when we booked tickets to England I knew this would be a must! Stonehenge is an ancient temple aligned on the movements of the sun. I love the mystery behind building Stonehenge (dated back 4,500 years ago by early-neolithic people!). We walked around the circle, snapped pictures, then made our way to Bath.

I had no idea the city of Bath would be so pretty; the leaves are changing here and it's feeling very Fall. We walked around the ancient Roman Baths and temple and both of us were really impressed at how well kept the original baths are (even though most of it was destroyed). These are the only hot springs discovered in England.

London, it's been real. We'll be back again!

Next stop: Litchfield, UK

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