london, england day two.

^^Exploring Soho. I think this has been my favorite area on London so far. The streets are gorgeous and I love all of the small shops.^^
^^I still can't get over all of the phone booths on every street. Big Ben is in the background too!^^
^^Hey, look! I love working an Anthro in Vegas and it was so cool seeing the clothing they carried in this store. There were a lot of European brands that aren't in the States and the clothing was on point. Maybe we should move to London and work at this location? Hint hint, Tate ;)^^
^^THE coolest bathroom in London, at Sketch Parlour. Each bathroom has its own pod.^^
^^Big Ben in the background. I think we'll end up walking here again tomorrow.^^
^^The London Eye at night (and Big Ben on the right side of the river.^^

London Day Two: We walked around the city today and saw some gorgeous streets and sights. The British Museum was open so we explored inside for a while then ate lunch at a tiny Greek shop on the street. I love walking around and not knowing exactly where we're going, but enjoying every second of it anyways. London, we love you!


  1. If *I* was with you, we'd be going to Broadwick Street in Soho to see the water fountain that started the 1854 cholera epidemic. I know, I'm weird. But it'd be cool.

  2. If *I* was with you, we'd be going to that big fleamarket where there are cool old tools.

  3. That bathroom is incredible!! I'd love to crap there, haha.

  4. you are so adorable! that bathroom like blows my mind. I love your selfie.


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