london, england day three.

^^View of Big Ben, the London Eye, and the House of Parliament^^
^^Westminster Abbey. We took a tour inside but unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures.^^
^^Garden inside of Westminster.^^
^^St. Pauls Cathedral. You can barely see the dome in the back of the building, but it's the second largest dome built on Earth!^^
^^I snuck this photo of the base of the dome. The murals are incredible! I can't imagine the amount of time that went into constructing and painting St. Paul's.^^
^^There are four sections you can climb in the church; this photo is taken from the Stone Gallery. It's 376 steps up and 173 feet high.^
^^We climbed an additional 150 steps to the highest point of the cathedral to the Golden Gallery. You can walk around the entire top so there are amazing panoramic views of London.^^
^^Stone Gallery^^

London Day Three: We covered so much ground today. We started the morning by walking to Big Ben for our obligatory photos with the clock behind us. Since Westminster Abbey is just around the corner from there, we took a tour of the church for about an hour. The food in London is surprisingly good! We ate sandwiches from a tiny bakery shop for lunch then took the underground subway to St. Paul's Cathedral. This was on my bucket list, so when we found out we could climb to the top of the structure for city views I was super excited. And the views didn't disappoint!

Next stop: Dover, England to see the White Clifffs.

P.S. I'm having blogger issues... can someone tell me if my vertical photos are pixelated/blurry? I read online that this is just a bug for some Blogger users and it can't be fixed on your *own* account, but others can't see it's blurry. Thanks ;)


  1. Your pictures look fine to me :) (I was having the same issue the other day, didn't realise it was actually a thing.)

    Glad you're enjoying England

    Charlotte xx

  2. The vertical ones do look blurry to me, but still great shots of the city.

    Buckets & Spades


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