grand canyon day one.

 ^^View of the Sky Bridge while walking over the Hoover Dam.^^
^^The Colorado River below the Hoover Dam. Really quite sad how low the water level has receded over the past decade.^^
^^This view tho.^^
  ^^The Grand Canyon! We arrived just before sunset.^^
^^El Tovar Lodge, our home for the night.^^
^^Standing on the edge! Also, don't mind my post-surgery orthopedic on both of my feet. I'll be stumbling along the canyon these next few days (and in these fugly shoes for 5 more weeks).^^
Hello from the Grand Canyon! My parents are visiting us from Washington for a few days so we're making a trip out of it and visiting the Grand Canyon South Rim until Tuesday. On the drive here we stopped at Hoover Dam, built in the 1930's. By the time we arrived at the Grand Canyon, the sun was just about to set so we snapped a few photos. Tonight we're staying in the El Tovar Lodge, a hotel built almost 100 years ago. The hotel is right on the edge of the canyon and I'm feeling pretty lucky to be sleeping here.

Tomorrow we're going to explore the rim!


  1. You are one incredibly lucky girl!! I would love to see the Grand Canyon. I'm hoping I can make a trip out to Arizona sometime soon -- I'm really starting to miss Sedona (my one true loooove!)

    Enjoy the southwest, and I can't wait to see more pictures from your adventures! I plan to live vicariously through you, ha ha ha!

    A Northern Light

  2. I recommend the North Rim (next time maybe) for a less touristy experience. It's a stark difference from the South Rim and I personally enjoyed it so much more.


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