grand canyon day two.

^^Watch Tower.^^
 ^^Another Watch Tower View.^^
  ^^My parents!^^
   ^^Viewpoint from the Trailview Overlook. I think this was one of my favorite spots in the Grand Canyon.^^

Grand Canyon Day Two: We woke up bright and early and drove along the Hermits Rest Route. Normally you can only access this area of the Canyon by a bus, but since I've been limping since my surgery a few weeks back (and I'm wearing these stiff orthopedic shoes) so the Park gave us an accessibility pass. We were able to drive to each viewpoint, hop out of the car, snap a quick pic then keep driving along the edge of the canyon. The tourist peak is quickly winding down so it seemed like we had this entire side of the park to ourselves. I don't know how we luck out like that sometimes!

Driving along the South Rim was incredible. We ate lunch along the cliffs and drove along the beaten path. I'm just really enjoying myself here.

We're heading back to Vegas tomorrow and I'm bummed we can't spend an entire year here, but these last two days have been a dream. Until next time, Grand Canyon!


  1. Again, looks like you're having an incredible time :)
    The canyon looks huge in these photos, but I bet the pictures don't do it justice. I can't even imagine what it'd be like standing at the edge of it -- I'd feel so small!
    Hope you're having a fun time!

    A Northern Light


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