the grand canyon in an instant.

In case you missed it on instagram, here's our standard instax scan of our most recent adventure to the Grand Canyon. I love carrying our instax camera around new places and waiting for moments that might look good on film. Some of them don't turn out (like the bottom left picture) but that's kind of why these cameras are so great.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
    What is the weather at the Grand Canyon like at the moment? I remember a couple of summers ago I went to Sedona in January and was wearing shorts and a tshirt while all of the locals were giving me these crazy looks. I was like, You people don't understand. This weather that you're having right now is my summer weather in Minnesota. Ha ha ha
    I'm hoping to spend the summer in Flagstaff! It's an absolutely gorgeous area and it's so similar to my home -- just more mountainous :)

    A Northern Light

  2. I always love seeing your instax photos! I need to take more with mine


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