india day four - jaipur.

India Day Four - Jaipur: Covered so much ground today! Most of the day was spent in Amber, the city just outside of Jaipur (where we're staying). Our first stop was Amber Fort. One the way we drove past the Palace of Winds, a famous pink palace right in the middle of the city:
^^Palace of the Winds. We've seen this all over Pinterest so it was exciting seeing this in real life. I wouldn't have said this was as pink as every edited photo I've seen online, but still awesome.^^
^^We rode elephants to the top of Amber Fort since it sits on the top of a huge hill. The government has put a lot of effort into changing how the elephants are 'worked' in recent years, so they're now working less and taken care of more. This happened to be the same elephant that we bathed and fed later in the evening.^^
^^The king's courtyard inside of Amber Fort.^^
^^Mirror Palace inside of Amber Fort. UHM. I died a bit when I saw this building. The mirror inlays are so detailed. I want.^^
^^Snake Charmer (you can see Amber Fort in the top of the right picture. The cobra's fangs have been removed, so we were able to 'pet' the snake as the charmer was playing his flute.^^
^^Chand Baori step water well. This is sort of a hidden gem in Jaipur. We were the only ones there and this well feels somewhat like a labyrinth.^^
^^We went to an elephant sanctuary where we fed, painted, walked, and washed elephants. Above is Savannah Comari. She was SO sweet. I thought my life was complete, and then this happened.^^
Tomorrow is our last day in Jaipur before heading to Ranthambore (a National Park / animal reserve). Soaking in these last few moments in the Pinky City! 


  1. Riding elephants! Petting cobras! I'm jealous!

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