india day three - jaipur.

India Day Three - Jaipur: We left Delhi early this morning to head to Jaipur. The drive was about 5 hours but it wasn't bad!

^^All of my dreams came true today when Robyn and I rode a camel.^^
^^Just inside of Jaipur is the Jal Mahal Water Palace. Unfortunately the actual palace is off limits to the public, but still pretty from afar.^^
^^We're staying in the Umaid Bhawan hotel for the next 3 nights. This is THE coolest hotel I've ever stayed in. The architecture, the tiles, all of the details!^^
^^The hotel itself is like a labyrinth because there are stairs in every direction that lead to different places.^^

^^Pink building next to our hotel with stained glass.^^

We had dinner on the rooftop of our hotel and watched Indian dancers while we ate (I'll try to take picture tomorrow night!). Jaipur has already stolen our hearts and I can't wait to see more of the city these next few days. 

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