india day seven - ranthambore.

India Day Seven - Ranthambore + Agra: We arrived late afternoon in Ranthambore and stayed in a really pretty local palace:
^^At 5:30AM we were picked up from our hotel in a jeep and we drove right into the wildlife reserve. Our guide mentioned the chances of seeing a wild tiger were extremely slim, so none of had our hopes up too high. We saw dozens of peacocks, deer, and birds.^^
^^The guide was able to track fresh tiger prints (I'm not sure how?!) and we came across tiger #34 laying on the ground. He actually stood up, walked right past our jeep, and drank water from a hole about 15 feet from us.^^
^^It was so surreal being that close to a WILD tiger. I thought for sure we were going to be lunch meat after he finished drinking, but he went along his way. He was totally showing off by scratching the trees and stretching close to our car. We lucked out!^^
^^This temple was just outside of the park. Oddly enough, it's called the Black and White temple. The walls are painted bright colors and there was a COW inside of the temple.^^
^^View from the top of the Black and White temple.^^
^^After Ranthambore we drove to Agra (about 5 hours away). Our first stop was the Little Taj, also known as Jewel Box. This was the inspiration source for the Taj Mahal, and you can see resemblances.^^
^^Inside of the Jewel Box. The marble tile everywhere!! Bare feet are required for religious purposes since it's inside of a mosque.^^
^^Entrance gate (made of Red Sandstone) to the Jewel Box.^^
^^After we drove to the back of the Taj Mahal. We've been waiting to see this for so long! Since it was closed on Friday we weren't able to see the front of the Taj, but it was nice seeing the back view with no one walking the premises of the temple.^^

Pinch me, this placed is a dream! Tomorrow we're touring the front of the monument.

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