india day six - monkey temple

India Day Six - Monkey Temple: On the way to Ranthambore we stopped by the Galtaji temple. Just outside of Jaipur is the the Galtaji Temple, also known as the Monkey Temple. You'll see why...
^^It's situation in a valley so the temple climbs up the mountain. Even though it's only 10km outside of Jaipur, it feels like a completely different 'country' since it's so secluded.^^
^^Before entering the temple we purchasing a few bags of peanuts. Although the monkeys are fed all day long, they couldn't pass up the offer.^^
^^Sacred bathing waters.^^
^^Locals come to the baths here to clean themselves free of sin. They also believe that the water has healing powers. The clothing the women wear are so bright and beautiful.^^
^^At one point this monkey hopped on Tiffany and I. We were both freaked at first, but the monkey was having an awesome time.^^

Next stop: Ranthambore. Tomorrow we're driving a jeep through an Indian wildlife safari. The chances are rare, but hopefully we can spot a wild tiger!

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