Paris, France Day Four.

We woke up easy this morning and wanted to walk down one of the famous street markets in Paris, called the Rue Cler. This street has dozens of meat/cheese shops (our favorite), floral shops, bakeries, you name it - this street has it.
^^Of course we found ourselves back at the Eiffle Tower. Who wouldn't on Valentine's Day?! We considered riding to the top of the tower but the overcast was still pretty bad at this point.^^
^^Just below the tower on the walkway along the Seine river were a few bubble blowers working for tips. I couldn't help myself - I was running through the bubbles like the rest of the kids around me!^^
^^We walked half way to the Notre Dame before deciding to take the metro. Last time I was in Paris my mom and I climbed to the top of the Notre Dame and it was one of my favorite things in Paris. The wait to climb the stairs was about an hour, but we sat in line eating sandwiches and drank a hot chocolate from the bakery across the street.^^
^^387 steps later and this was our amazing view of the city!^^
Tomorrow we're taking a cooking class and exploring more of the Notre Dame (since we didn't get to go inside of the cathedral) and the Latin Quarters. Our time is almost coming to an end and we're not at all ready to leave Paris!!

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