Paris, France Day Five.

We booked a cooking class before coming to Paris at LaCuisine and were super excited about learning how to make pastries: croissants, pan au chocolat, twists, and a few other flakey treats. The class was hands-on and three hours long and I love every second of it. These were our creations at the end of class:
^^We'd take another cooking class in a heartbeat. It was super fun.^^
^^Yesterday we climbed to the top of the Notre Dame, but we didn't see inside of the cathedral. That was on our to-do list for the day.^^
^^Random walking streets in Paris.^^
^^We walked a little over a mile from the Notre Dame to a road called Rue De Cremieux. All of the apartments/houses on this street are painted colorfully. Go to this street in Paris! It's quaint and cute.^^
^^In front of the Eiffel tower, again. We sure love this place :)^^
^^Check on my instagram @allisoncelestia to see why we're eating pink cotton candy.^^

Tomorrow is our last day here (sniff, sniff) and we're taking the train to Versailles for the day. We never want to leave Paris!

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