prague, czech republic day four.

Prague, Czech Republic Day Four: Still having fun in Europe! This morning was super rainy but it didn't stop us from having fun. We explored the Castle Quarters today:
^^St. Vitus Cathedral^^
^^Walking through the streets in the castle quarters^^
^^The Easter markets kill me! I've been loving the food + Easter decorations at all of these markets.^^
^^By the afternoon the weather cleared and we decided to climb to the top of St Nicholas' church. There were 200 steps to the top - but dang it felt so much higher than that! I must be pregnant or something... ;)^^
^^If you know me you know I live for city views like this.^^
There was no one at the top so we were able to snap a ton of pictures without the pressure of hurrying along at the top. If you're in Prague go here! Personally, I thought this view was just as rewarding as the view from the top of the astronomical clock tower (if not better) and the fact that there was no one there made it all worth it. 

Tomorrow is our last day here!

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