prague, czech republic day five.

Prague Day Five: Our first stop of the day was St. Nicholas' church. Robyn and I climbed to the top of the bell tower of this church yesterday, but we didn't have time to see what was inside:
^^I'm so amazed at the details all of these churches have in Prague. No details/expenses were spared when these were made.^^
After we made a pit stop at an antique shop and lunch we made our way to the Petrin Lookout Tower. This was built in 1891 for a Jubilee Exhibition and was inspired by the Eiffel Tower (they almost look the exact same). Of course, we found ourselves climbing to the top again in hopes of an amazing view of Prague.^^
^^Yup, amazing views!^^
We had a few hours of daylight left so we rented a 4 person boat and rode along the Vltava river, the longest river within the Czech Republic. I loved seeing a new view of Charles Bridge (in the background of the above photo) and cruising along the river.

Prague was so so much fun and I hope it isn't the last time I see this place!

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