Boat Cruise in Aitutaki.

We took a catamaran boat lagoon cruise with Bishop's Cruises for the day. Our first stop was Akaimi Island. In the 1950's seaplanes would land on this island to refuel before flying to Tahiti. 
^^Cruising past one of the several uninhabited islands in the lagoon.
^^Snorkeling around giant fish and clams. 
^^The locals leave the giant clams where they are because the muscle inside is so big and tough that it wouldn't be good to eat.
^^We walked on a sandbar called Heaven and that's literally what it felt like. I never been anywhere more peaceful. The sandbar led us to One Foot Island, where we ate lunch and snorkeled more.
^^We made it to One Foot Island!
^Grandma and Daisy having fun in the water.

This was probably my favorite day in Aitutaki because we were able to snorkel and see giant fish and clam. The water in the lagoon is so warm so you can swim in the morning, night, day and the water will always be the same temperature. 

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