exploring aitutaki.

Since Aitutaki hasn't been commercialized (and I hope it always remains a 'secret' vacation spot) there's really not a whole lot to do here besides relax. We rented scooters and drove around the island to see what there was to offer. The island itself is 7 square miles, so it's pretty small.
^^There's one "main" road on the island, and the pace is slow. I promise - we were *extremely* careful driving a scooter with Daisy. I would not have rode around the island with her strapped on Tate's back if I had felt uncomfortable about it. She actually slept the entire time on Tate's back!
^^Tiff and I took a car into the main town of the island and it was actually comical. There's one small shop (if you can even call it that) and one place to eat. We thought we'd be able to spend the afternoon in "town" but we were done exploring in a matter of minutes. It was also super hot outside so we went back the Village to nap and swim and nap and swim.
^^Matching hats with Daisy. I couldn't help myself!

I was content all week staying at our village. There are a few all inclusive resorts on the island but I loved how small the Aitutaki Village was because the staff knew us personally. 

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