daisy's first birthday.

It's Daisy's birthday this week and I CAN'T BELIEVE she's o n e. I remember how wiggly she was inside of me and I knew she was going to be a wild one once she was out. And it's true - Daisy is always on the move. She's a happy girl and she's so nice to everyone she meets. She waves to everyone while we're out running errands and at restaurants and I love that she has such a big heart.

I did a little DIY photoshoot of her a couple of weeks ago and it'll be fun looking back on these photos when she's older. I should have started this earlier but below is a list of things that makes Daisy happy.

Things Daisy loves:-Her cat, Mochi
-"Barking" at dogs
-EATING (avocado, eggs, goldfish,
 honestly she loves all food)
-Clapping her hands
-Pointing to her nose
-Scrunching her face/nose
-Saying "uh-oh"
-Reading books
(I love that the first toys that she
crawls for are her books)

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