los barriles, mexico.

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Last week we went to Mexico for the fourth of July week. Tate has been coming to Mexico since he was about 12 to fish, but us girls have joined in on the fun for the past two years. Going to Los Barriles was so much fun with Daisy! She loves swimming so when she wasn't napping we were right by the pool or ocean.

Los Barriles is about 45 minutes from Cabo and it's a small fishing town that really isn't catered towards tourists. There are very few gift shops and no crowds so I think it's a more authentic experience of Mexico (we stayed in Cabo for a few nights last Christmas and it was fun but it's a big/loud party city compared to this town). 

This week Daisy turns one and we're so excited! We're going to Newport Beach (Tate has a work conference) so Daisy and I will spend more time on the beach and spending some quality 'girl time' together. 

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