Cle Elum

I had a pretty freaking awesome weekend. At 3 o' clock all my friends and I packed our bags and headed to Cle Elum to stay at this radical house. (word of the day: radical). It took about an hour to get there and by the time we arrived, the weather cleared up and it was blue skies.

What we did:
-road four wheelers (this scared me. I guess I don't like riding fast along really bumpy/sketchy trails)
-played pool (Bianca and I destroyed. Not once, but three times.)
-ate really fresh pizza from town
-played sardines (this house we stayed at was huge. and for some reason, there are doors that lead into mini-hallways with more doors and it's just freaky. hence the "sixth sense" room we discovered)
-shared scary stories
-and basically talked until 4 in the morning

Our original plan was to watch a scary movie and then play sardines. But because of a way too complicated tv system, we ended up playing sardines then sitting on this massive couch and told scary stories. And trust me, I have good scary stories. Somehow we ended up contemplating the meaning of life, discussing stem cell research, talking about supermassive volcanoes, eternity, air pressure, evil spirits.... we covered it all.

A few pictures from Cle Elum:
This picture is SO ugly. But it's SO funny. I feel like if I had to choose a picture that summed up me and my friends, this would be it.

I kind of like this picture of me... is that... weird?

There's really no words for this one. But it makes me smile.

Summer 2011= lot's of trips like this. Cle Elum was the perfect start to the perfect summer. I just know it!


  1. Oohhhhh my goodness! Can we talk about your prom dress? And how incredible you looked??? Obsessed. We need to shop together. I LOVE that you are a hippy :)

    Also, I am envious of your bravery to go and be alone, like that bike ride back to the river looked amazing.. and serene and just perfect. I think those tent things are called yurts... Bart and I want to live in one someday.

  2. I want to hear some of your scary stories m'kay? Looks like such a fun weekend Allie!

  3. i kind of wished you posted that SUPER creepy picture of you! oh, and the one of chantal! haha

  4. I love in the moment photos like these because they speak volumes about us. They force us to recall that exact memory and laugh.



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