kauai day one

We made it! After switching planes not once, not twice, but three times (yesterday), we finally made it to Hawaii. I've never been here before and so far this place is a dream. It's actually making me wish I got accepted into BYU Hawaii. Sniff sniff. I'm sure I'm going to love Rexburg, but if I don't, I seriously might consider transferring to Hawaii. In fact, I might transfer to Hawaii anyways just for the change. What Allison?! Wait a second. I haven't even started my freshman year yet. Let's slow down here...

Surprisingly, the weather here is weirder than the weather in Seattle. It rained here today. I mean it poured here today. Luckily though it lasted for less than a half hour. It's been pretty windy and a little cloudy, but overall it's super hot.

Here are a few things I did today:

Stumbled upon this little guy while I was walking on the beach. How cute! He'd lift up his arm every couple of minutes like he was going back into the water, but then he'd flop right back down. Oh and while I was taking this photo there was the most annoying couple behind me telling me how I should act. This old lady was yelling to me, "Stay six feet away! NO flash on your camera!" I wanted to turn around and be like, "Hey lady! Excuse me. This Hawaiian Monk Seal could care less that I'm taking a picture of him. He could care less!" I was seriously annoyed because who do they think they are? I wasn't harming him I promise.

We drove to Spouting Horn Beach Park. It's a small lava shelf where water from waves is thrust through an opening, causing water and air to squirt out a blowhole. coooool.

Fox and I. My favorite lil' nephew ever.

A valley in Kauai. I wasn't expecting this island to be so big. For real. I thought it'd be about a 45 minute drive around the whole island, but apparently not. So big!

I made a another little friend today. We stopped at this abandoned sugar factory and there were two random goats who were really friendly. The smaller one poked his head in between the fence and wanted me to pet him. I couldn't resist.


We walked through a golf course to see this lighthouse. prettttyyy.

My sister caught this picture of me jumping in the air at the golf course. Notice my brother in law, Chris, looks like he's being impaled by a palm tree. Ha! And it wasn't even on purpose.

I'm going to try to blog every night so I don't mix up my days by the time I get home. Stay tuned!


  1. Amazing pictures Allison! Do I spy some Saltwater sandals there? Love them!

  2. so jealous you got to see that seal on the beach! how fun. kauai's one of my favorite places ever. have the best time and give paige and fox a squeeze from me!

  3. CANNOT wait to see what's in store for tomorrow!! :) So happy you get to experience Kauai!! It is magical, sacred, wonderful and amazing!

  4. I never saw a seal or a sea turtle (up close). So jealous! Miss you!

  5. Pretty light house! People like that annoy me beyond reason because you probably knew more about that seal then they did. I don't know how some people feel comfortable enough to bark orders at people like it is their due in life. UGH!! LOL! Sorry I just ugh people like that you know!



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