kauai day three

This morning we woke up at about 6 to go on a hike on the Na Pali coast. The drive there was about one and a half hours because we had to drive all the way around the island, instead of straight across because of the mountains. It was already 78 degrees by 7 in the morning...

The hike was 8 miles and totally worth it. If you go to Kauai, you must go on this hike! We didn't purchase permits (or have the right gear), but I really wanted to keep going along the Kalalau trail which is an additional eleven miles.

When the trail started, it immediately shot uphill at a pretty steep incline. After about a half mile, this was the view. Spectacular! My Birkesntocks didn't let me down. At first, that is...

A peek through the trees at some mountains.

My sista walking through a river. There were a ton of little creeks and rivers on the way. This is where I was grateful I was wearing sandals. I didn't have to take them off and it was nice to have water cooling and cleaning my dirty feet along the way.

The hike went way way up, then way way down to this beach. The water was so clear.

After chilling at the beach for a little bit, the hike went straight up again along a super muddy and skinny trail. At one point, there were clusters of bamboo trees left and right. My mom and I discovered our new favorite sound today. As the wind would blow, the bamboo trees would hit each other and make a really awesome clicking noise.

Another awesome view.

Finally at the waterfall. So grand!

By the time we got to the falls, I was super hot. Jumping in the water was a must.

Dear Birkenstocks, you let me down! Earlier in the hike I was really glad to be wearing sandals, especially you. On the way back, I was obviously not watching where I was going, and I stubbed my toe on a rock or branch or something. It HURT. At first I thought it was just bleeding a little bit, but then I realized my toe nail was freaking falling off. If you're grossed out now, don't read the rest. By the end of the hike, I had to pull the nail off because it was irritating me so much. Now I have a naked pinkie toe. For the rest of the week. Perfect.

After the hike we stopped at a shave ice hut. In Hawaii, it's not shaved ice, it's shave ice. I ate a blue raspberry shave ice. Reaaallly good.

I did a little snorkeling later in the afternoon and went to a burger place with my family for dinner. I'll be relaxing for the rest of the night 'cause my legs and pinkie toe hurt a little. Night!


  1. gross dude! haha, I was not expecting to see THAT. But that hike looks amazing. I am loving all these posts and am super impressed that you are keeping up with it every day. I was NOT able to do that on my trip.

  2. not gonna lie, that pinky toe shot made me queazy but the rest of the pictures made up for it! can't wait to hear all about hawaii!!!

  3. want to be hiking with you :) sounds perfect

  4. This hike was super hard (well, for me...) but totally worth it! Sorry about your toe. Is the nail growing back yet?


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