kauai day two

Besides being completely sunburned on the back of my legs and feeling like there are a hundred little pins on the back of my knees, hawaii is great! haha no really though, it's awesome.

We drove to the west side of the island to these canyons that were massive and dry and rocky:
After starting a blog and taking a lot of pictures, I'm beginning to realize that photos can't capture how huge or beautiful a place really is. But trust me, this place is big. (And that's the last time I'll mention the immensity of Kauai... I'm just still surprised at the size!)

My family. From left to right: grandpa Ted, grandma Warner, my mom, me, my dad, Paige, Fox, Chris, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Steve. Still wearing church clothes. haha.

Taking pictures of myself in the canyons.

I'm obsessed with this little boy. You'll be seeing lotsa pictures of Fox and I. I woke up this morning and when I walked in the room where Fox was, he got a big ol' smile. It just warmed my heart! Not sure if he was smiling because I came in the room or he was just happy, but it made me feel gooood.

Fantastic Mr. Fox.

For the rest of the day I just chilled at the beach and swam in the ocean. You know, relaxed and all. That's what Hawaii is for, right? My dad and I snorkled in the ocean at some point and saw dozens of different fish right below our feet. They were pretty big and really bright highlighter colors. Oh how I wish I had an underwater camera...

The sunset at poi pu beach. (I'm not sure how to spell the beach name and I'm too lazy to look it up right now).

The internet is c.r.a.p.p.y here so hopefully I'll be able to journal everyday. Hopefully. Tomorrow we're getting up at six to go on a hike on the other side of the island. So excited! I'm also trying to convince my dad to let me go skydiving this week (and maybe pay for a little of it). We'll see how that goes...

note to self: If not now, when?


  1. Looks like fun! The canyons look amazing and little Fox is a cutie.

  2. again, soooo jealous! :) I think I've been on the hike you guys are going on... it's incredible! I hope you have the patience to keep posting on the slow internet cuz' I'm LOVING it!

  3. looks like the whole fam is having a blast! i'm jealous :)

  4. skydiving in hawaii is the BEST THING EVER. really hope you get to go.

  5. ahh, so jealous! looks like so much fun girl! and you'll be nice and tan for the wedding! hope you convince the parentals to go sky diving!

  6. What I wouldn't give to be back there right now!!


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