and the driving begins.

Yesterday my dad and I drove to Utah to try and fix my cousin's car that he gave me so I could take it to school. Fourteen hour drive! Not so fun. And that darn ol' BMW is being stubborn anyways. But I'm here, and I'm having a blast spending time with my friend Kenzie that's already at school.

I hope Kenzie doesn't see this or she'll probably kill me :) But I spent the night at her dorm (which feels like a dungeon but in a really awesome, cozy way) and we hit up a couple of freshman parties until 2 or 3 in the morning. haha.

Later in the day I came to my grandparents house and had dinner with them and took a peek in their basement and found lotsa treasures. Like my mom's junior high school formal dance dress, a beaded purse, a very very old quilt that my great great grandmother made, and TWO typewriters. I'm a very happy little lady.

I LOVE the inside of my grandparents house.

How cool is this chair? And those little houses? I used to stare at those little houses when I was little and try to decide which one I'd rather live in.

I'm so grateful that my grandparents live so close to the "Y". This little mountain brings back so many childhood memories of when I'd come here to see them and hike to the top of the "Y" with my friends that overlooks the valley.

note to self: my goodness, this was a fun little vacation. I got a small taste of college life (which was SO fun) and spent some time with my grandparents one last time before I go to school. And this week is going to be so busy and bittersweet and hectic and fun. So bring it on!


  1. Are you gonna be able to blog the next four months while you're camping? I hope so! I want to see what you're up to! Beautiful pictures - as always :)

  2. aww, so sad i missed you while you were here. i still have your bottle caps to give you. just a little incentive to get you to come back! glad you had so much fun though. so what's the deal with james' car now??

  3. You grandparents home is killer dude and I love the photo of you outside. So 70s! Also what a score from the basement! I love finding vintage family stuff because it is cooler and means so much more then anything found at a vintage store.



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