that little room of mine.

Excuse me for only talking about the things im going to miss or this change called "college" that's happening next saturday. It's consuuuming meee. On that note, I'm going to miss my room; a lot. I love my wood floors and my shelves and my fluffy blankets. And I adore my two bunnies that keep me company when it's cold and rainy outside or when I'm bored or feeling slightly sad.

So I was thinking... room tour? I want to look at these pictures when I'm 80 and laugh at my room when I was 18 years old:

I have a tiny room. It's basically a square room with a bed, drawers, and bunny cages. But I like to think it has some character.

My thrifted drawers for 14.99. I taped up a picture of that climber a couple of years ago... just cuz he's cute. And at one point I wanted to collect dream catchers, but that's the only one I have so far.

My messy, unorganized door. And my shelves that I just re-organized last week but somehow still appear cluttered.

My two bunnies. eeek! They make me oh so happy. But I think I might have to give them away before school because my 'rents don't want to take care of them. Sigh.

Clothes. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

I inherited an obsession for blankets from my mother. I'm currently into antique quilts. And nail polish. It's fun being a girl :)

note to self: even though I'm really going to miss that little room of mine, it'll be cool to start a new room in Rexburg. And I'll be living with 5 other girls! We can go crazy and decorate our apartment with tacky decorations or keep it simple or go all out 70's vintage. The sky's the limit! This change is going. to. be. awesome.


  1. Guess this means I can't talk you out of going away to college?

  2. aww, love the room tour! and yes, i agree. i can't wait to start all over with decorating and making a brand new home. yay for new changes!

  3. Such a fun tour! I keep thinking of how I want to decorate my house and now I have become obsessed with my closet and how I want to organized my life starting with my belonging that I cannot live without. I also am thinking of taking in a roommate so I have to figure out where all my books are going because I have a TON of books in my office (i.e.: the room the mate would live in).



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