twin falls, idaho.

My dad likes to stop at scenic places when we go on road trips. And usually, they're pretty out of the way. But this time (driving home from Utah), we stopped at these pretty amazing falls just right off of the highway. Twin falls, that is.

Oh how I wish I could've swam at the bottom of the falls. My dad and I saw a couple of kayakers down there and I couldn't help but envy them.

A rainbow! For some reason I thought taking pictures of rainbows wouldn't work...

I even got to touch the rainbow. haha. No but really, I don't think I've ever seen one this large and in charge before.

note to self: you know what? I'm starting to think that Idaho might be maybe possibly almost as pretty as washington...


  1. ummm, i can't believe that you wrote that idaho was just as pretty as washington. i let that one slide allison, lol. i'm glad you're liking it though, since it will be your home for the next four years!

  2. dude, it's a double rainbow! That is super pretty.

  3. Beautiful photos! WOW! I never think of crazy as that sounds. I have never even thought of what it looks like there before. Now I know and I can agree it is very lovely!



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